Duplex Sleeves for your winch cable

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Feb 9, 2002
i've been looking for something like this, but none of the local stores i've been in seem to have them.
i want to switch to something like this for my winch (5/16" cable) instead of the wire-rope-clips i've been using.
anyone use these? know where to get them? i image two or three of these would be plenty strong, and allow you to trim the frayed end of the cable for a nice clean look.
i have found some aluminum and some copper ones, but wouldn't i want steel?

here is a pic of what i'm talking about. courtesy of webrigging.com
left to right: aluminum, copper, zinc plated copper
Mcmaster Carr has them in their catalog under wire rope accessories. They also categorize them as "for lifting" and "not for lifting". Unfortunately they don't give any information on strength. Also, you'll need the cripming tool, and I would think you would want hydraulic, not manual and that's $$$. At the end of the day it might be cheaper to have a rigging supply company make what you want.
West Marine(boat supply store) has them, but you need a swage to properly install them AFAIK. Find a sailboat shop in your area(if there are any in Utah) and they should be able to set you up. If not, you might call your local crane and rigging outfit and see if they can help you or at least tell you where to go.

reid supply has them (they call them loop sleeves), as zinc plated copper, and they claim "When crimped over bare cable, loop sleeves generate full rated breaking strength of cable."

but yes you need the tool.
maybe i'll have to talk to my local machine shop to see who has what.

it still looks like a great way to go.

thanks for the ideas guys.

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