dublin rd. and franz rd.

Mar 27, 2007
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That were me. I don't think I will have it much longer. I didn't notice anyone honking yesterday.
I went to xenia last night to check out an 85 toy. The guy on the phone tells me where to go. I get there, he is not there. These guys that were there send me down the road to another house. The guy that answers the door says he did not know I was coming. Pretty peeved about now after my hour and fifteen minute drive. Then the guy tells me that the trucks engine is in the middle of being rebuilt and I would not be able to take it for a drive. I check it out, it was pretty nice, but some of the inner side of the frame was rusted through, so I am gonna pass. It was a colossal waiste of my time. Oh well.....:crybaby:
Apr 6, 2007
Columbus, Ohio
i felt a bit of longing - i've been driving a trailblazer that my boss is letting me use for a while until i get back on my feet. (pretty nice for a NEW boss, who doesn't have to do a thing)

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