Dual wheel cylinders!?!

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Jun 10, 2003
I just got my new FJ-40 axle yesterday. 8) I was going to flip the brake lines since the hose drops on the drivers side, and noticed a brake line going from one wheel cylinder into what appears to be ANOTHER ONE!?!? :eek:
yep, 2 of them and they are really expensive :D if you get good ones.
yeah, and wait until you have to balance all 4 of them to brake evenly.
Go disc! It will be cheaper, require less tinkering, and safer in the long run anyway. Read all about it in the tech section. Lots of good info there on the conversions.
Youve got to balance them!?!? :eek: Ohhh crap!

Ive got to do a disc brake conversion on the front of my Patrol first... Thats whats going to be a pain... maybe FJ-40 front axles and Patrol front axles are close enough to the same?

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