Dual Transfer Cases?

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Sep 23, 2006
Sydney, Australia
I have a second Toyota transfer case and was thinking of grafting it onto my original case instead of installing rockhopper gears. This would give me greater choice in reduction gearing.

Has anyone on this forum done this with the Toyota cases? Did it work? What did you do and would you do it again?
you have a second LC case or Hilux case?

I know you are in AU but Marlin Crawler makes adapters to mount a topshift hilux case between the tranny and tcase - search for "Toybox"
how did you end up going with the dual cases nev?

I've been busy with work so have not got anywhere. Guess the first thing is the stip down the case not on the car. I was gonna do the dogey thing and not worry about cleaning it up but the other look soooo nice.

Other problem is I want to do a springover and have a spare set of diff housings so I can keep the yota on the road but dont have the time or folding stuff to do both at the same time. Hmmmm decisions decisions

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