dual FJ40 tanks, one filler neck!

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Apr 14, 2004
I am finishing up a lift kit on a 1974 FJ40 that has, as the title indicates, two fuel tanks running off the single stock filler neck. The was apparantly done in order to avoid putting a second filler neck on the outside sheetmetal of the truck.

The stock filler neck has a pipe welded into the side of it, which then proceeds about a foot into the interior of the bed, where it goes through a new hole in the floor to the underside of the tub, with a long horizontal hose to the tank.

Here are some pics:
Please note that I DID NOT DO THIS WORK, nor would I offer to. I just thought it was an 'interesting' modification to post a thread on.


Mark A.
the electric pump it's for transfer the gas on the aux to the oem or the gas gauge work separate for both?
Hi all, I am new to the forum and the 74 FJ40 in the photos is mine. The electric pump assists to purge out of the fuel line when I switch from aux to the original tank on the go. The pump needed to be repositioned, as it was pinching the hose and causing a bad leak. This install used a large marine fuel hose which was replaced after these photos were posted by Mark A. I opted to use the original gas gauge with the two sending units and it works. Most of the auxillary fillers I have been told usually splash gas when turning left, plus I didn't want to cut the external body for this extra tank. I will post some photos of my vehicle after paying up here.
I like it.

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