dual batts with 24v

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Feb 24, 2009
south australia
hi have set up dual batts in a 45 and just wondering how i go with setting up 24v dual batts in 60 series cruiser
60 series diesel or gas
If you mean 24V dual batteries as in using two 12V batteries to make 24V like in the factory setup, then it's simply a matter of hooking them up in a series. Main positive terminal-----(+)BATT 1(-)-----connection-----(+)BATT 2(-)----chassis ground.

Both batteries should identical and also be in identical condition (ideally brand new) to avoid issues with imbalance. Don't tap off of the center connection to get your 12V power...use a proper step down boltage converter or a charge equalizer (i.e. Solar Converter) to do that.

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