Dual Batteries

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Feb 7, 2002
Pendleton Oregon
Been researching etc. One caveat I hat automotive wiring!!!:mad:

I will be installing dual batteries into a 100 Series. Here are the research links I'm using.



My needs:
Charge both when running
Battery A winching
Battery B winching
Battery AB winching
Jumpstart itself

From the Slee diagram I see external switch and relays. Is the diagram straight forward for what I need - minus the switch or am I retarded?
What about a Hellroaring unit:


I've got two and they are virtually plug and play (well, as far as dual batt systems go). I've also helped install them on other trucks and have yet to find a dissatisfied owner. Give Mike a call, he is super helpful.
I run a dual battery setup in my 40. I decided to go the continuous duty solenoid route as it was cheaper and easier to install than an isolator. If it goes bad it's about a 10 minute replacement job.

The system is controlled by a switch I got from WrangleNW that allows you to charge both batteries when running (isolated by solenoid when ignition is off), isolate one battery for winching, or use both batteries for self-jump. It's a slick setup and doesn't take up much space as the solenoid is about the size of your fist. The incab control is also nice. It all comes with instructions on how to wire it up (wires are even tagged to be idiot proof).

I like the Hellroaring setup as well, it's not a bad way to go.

I'll vouch for the Hellroaring unit as well. Their customer service is oustanding and the instructions were as simple as one can make it. Mine has saved me multiple times from low/dead battery scenarios.

bull said:
ANy diagrams of this or photos...IH8Wiring

Here is a pic spressomon sent me of his engine compartment. This couldn't be much more simple. The second (auxiliary) battery charges and is totally isolated from the starting battery. Add a fuse block to the auxiliary battery and run all your accessories off it.

I will be running one very soon too.

Powergate & Dual Battery 1.jpg
I can vouch for that :grinpimp:

What is that blue/black thing next to the battery? Just curious, thanks.
Nitrous. :D

Maybe a cap?
If you look at his signiture it says "helton shower". I'm guessing that is what the thingy is. I'm thinking it's not nitrous:D
Yeah that's what it is. I was thinking maybe a capacitor but now that you mention the shower that does look like it could be the plumbing for it.
Yup...Helton Heat exchanger. Boy it would have been so much more fun to have been a real smart ass about that one...'but I'm keeping the devil at bay' :cool:

My PowerGate (rapping on the wood desk now) has been 100%...I think Scott guarantees them too. Simple design; no moving parts; no heat sink need; small package; not the cheapest...but compared to what?
bull said:
Thanks for the input. How reliable are the isolators?

I'll jump in...knock wood....have not had any problems; it's been an amazing product launch. We're currently building units for a major defense contractor; there will be five POWER-GATE modules per communicatons Hummer. We now have devices that can handle up to 600 amps and last week we took delivery of our first XYZ robot to automate the assembly process. I keep telling myself that demand outstripping supply is a good problem to have.

I know the product was delayed and some people gave Scott a hard time last year, but the product is outstanding. I know several other people who are using the product too and nobody has complained.

It may cost a little bit more than other options but so did my Land Cruiser:idea:

I will buy mine real soon! I can hardly wait.

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