Drove through some water, now check engine light is on

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Nov 15, 2005
Charlotte, NC
We recently had a pretty strong thunderstorm roll on through which flooded a bunch of streets. On my way home from work, I drove through one of these flooded streets which had about 1 1/2' deep of water. I've got an OME 2.5 lift on my rig with 295 tires and a snorkel. As I'm driving through, the engine starts to sputter and almost stalls and the check engine light starts blinking. I end up making it through, but the engine is still running funny...almost felt like a cylinder wasn't firing. I turn the truck off for a few minutes, then fire it back up and the engine starts running normal again, but know the check engine light is steady on.

I know snorkels don't protect the electrical side of things, only the air intake. So I know my problem is the electrics, but does anybody know typically what part of the electrical system is the culprit and how to prevent from happening again (other than not driving through the flooded street)?
Is it possible that your engine fan kicked water up into the distributor vents?

Have you checked to see what code it is?
The check engine light can be caused by all kinds things when water is the cause...

Often it's a misfire: check your dist cap, check your plug wires where they go into the head. Check other plugs and connections after you've ruled out the ignition stuff.

Water in the dizzy cap is a common problem. Let the truck dry out overnight and then see if there is still a problem. Other issues could have been related to an exposed wire in the harness that you splashed. Just a thought.
x2, water in the dizzy. May also check your spark plug boots. I friend of mine in his 80 had both. Water in the dizzy, and cyln. #1 boot wasn't seated and a bit a water got in there. Blowing both our with air fixed all. Dont't recall if his was throwing a CEL tho.
Pull the code before you do anything.

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