Droop and rake questions after swap to LC suspension

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Feb 7, 2010
Remember the Alamo!
I searched but couldn't find answers to my specific question. Last night I finished replacing my wife's 2001 LX470's AHC shocks, springs, and torsion bars with stock Land Cruiser parts. I set the droop at 2". I drove around the block a few times, and then parked it for the night. When I got a chance today I rechecked my droop. It settled at each wheel from 5/8" to 1". I didn't have time to readjust droop today, but will tomorrow.

I'm looking for best road handling by the way. Her LX sees no off road use.

One of my concerns is that with the droop at 2" the front will end up a bit higher than the rear by about 1/2". I've read several times that approximately 1" rake is best. I know I can lower again with the torsion bars, but obviously that will change the droop. Is the 2" droop just a ballpark, and if so what would be the suggested range for droop?

Also, is it normal to have a large difference (1 1/2"+ on driver's side and maybe 1/4" on passengers side) of thread left in the anchor arm bolt. If so, with up to an inch left to raise the front to proper height (if I have enough thread on the passenger side) is it best to index the torsion bar instead of coming close to maxing out the bolt? Is it alright to index only one torsion bar?

If I missed it in my search please point me in the right direction.
I set mine, per the install instructions, using metric units. 50-60mm. 50mm = about 2". Because of the heavy rear springs that came with the OME lift I have a lot of rake. That and I think the suspension has settled and I need to check it.

I was able to make my left and right match. They will not be the same number of turns.
It sounds like you have removed the AHC on the LX and you have made it “stock” by putting on a non AHC Toyota “stock” LC suspension. I’ll use that as my base assumption and respond. Note that my experience is not in removing AHC but in having the stock LC suspension on my truck before I lifted it with taller rear springs and higher spring rate tbars.

I ran the front end Tbars adjusted to be 1” lower than what ever the rear height was with the stock springs. This is generally the preferred best road manners position (rake).

In my experience the minimum 2” droop in front suspension is for folks trying to maximize the lift (to clear rocks) for off road driving in the front. It keeps some downward movement available for the suspension to use.

It sounds like your front is actually a 1/2 higher than your rears now. I suggest that you measure the rear as it sits and lower the front till it’s lower by 1”. This may take several adjustments due to settling. To be clear your not adjusting for droop. More than 2” of suspension droop is actually not a bad thing.

The threads on my tbars when finally adjusted, differed side to side. I don’t worry about it as long as it’s level and at the desired height.

Hope that helps.
Listen to cmck, he got everything right. It is fine for you to have more droop when setting up for mostly road.

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