driveshaft question

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May 9, 2009
Hello everyone new to site and spent couple of weeks reading and learning from all of you. I have a 78 cruiser with 350 that po installed it was to far forward and home made brackets and cross member,after breaking the cross member twice I bought the kit from SOR measured 4,5,6 times and went with 10 inch from edge of shock tower.lined everything up as best i could very unexperienced at this first 4x4. Got it welded up ended up being 10 inchs on one side and 10 1/2 on other. my driveshaft lenght are almost same back 26 3/4 front 26 inch did i do something wrong. and got a friend to help with spring over and i notice that the flanges are off by 1/2 1 inch is this a big deal
As has been said awhile back by Downey ,You could probably mount your engine crossways and get away with it ,The 40 frame being hot riveted is very forgiveing. My 6.2 10 in on the left and 10 1/4 on the right, and ofset by 1 in drivelines are ofset to,Ive had no problems so far.
My drivetrain is wayyyy off center. Around 5 inches. It wont hurt a thing as long as its mounted well.
I think your Landcruiser u-joints are lavish enough to eat up alot of slop or mis-alignment, and it sounds to me like your measurements are something the naked eye probably can't/won't see. I don't guess I'd worry about your little mis-alignment unless it's appearence is driving you crazy. I once had a customer buy a V8 conversion kit from us on a Friday afternoon, and drove the vehicle in on Monday morning under it's new V8 power. The engine was facing northwest, nose low, wires laying on the exhaust manifold, but the u-joints accomodated the poo-poo conversion.

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