Driveshaft nuts/washers

Jan 31, 2003
I need the part #'s for the nut & washer on the rear driveshaft where it mounts to the parking brake drum. The Toyota dealers microfiche page shows that it is the same as the 3 other mounting points on the driveshafts, which are flanged bolt/flanged nut/flat washer. I have those #'s. Any aftermarket part numbers?
Feb 3, 2003
I just put my shafts on. I THINK the nuts should be universal irregardless if on the bolts or on the studs. They APPEARED to be the same diameter and thread pitch, on my 4/74 FJ40 driveline.
Oh, I'm a little bit of a tight ass so I bought standard lock washers. They are a little thicker but a TON cheaper and easy to get. I used the old nuts. As well the local Toyota dealership here is not a fun place to visit for parts.
Mar 1, 2003
The nuts are the same. I tried those thick standard lock washers and did'nt like them much. I went to a industrial fastener supply house and had them match me up some high grade lock washers that are much better than the original ones. Slightly larger than the OEM ones but smaller than the standard ones from pep boys or napa. For toyota stuff Jay Marks toyota in Austin TX is the place for OEM landcruiser parts.

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