driveshaft mounting to transfer

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May 30, 2005
Tunica, Ms
I had some driveshafts made for my 78 fj40. I did not know that the flanges on the drive shafts were only going to fit older style output flanges. I can get new flanges to go on my third members ,but not on the front of the transfer. The back output flange will bolt up. This is because I have a CV joint on the driveshaft that fits. Does any body knows of a better solution or where to get the right flange to fit my transfer. Thanks
Diff flange and front tcase output flange should be the same...

I know that I have swapped them around before...

I can get flanges for my diff and the same flange will will go on my transfer.
The reason why I am making sure is because nobody says they have one. They only have one for diff. Thank for the info.
can't you getthe female slip end to suit and swap them over?
ram said:
Thanks for the info. Cruiser outfitters has the flanges I need.

And they are on the way... ;)

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