Driveshaft angle question

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May 14, 2011
Hi everyone, I got another question. I am doing a SBC conversion with a sm465 transmission and a stock 3spd. l/c transfer case. This is going into a 73 cruiser.

I forgot to check before I pulled the old setup, but I am assuming the driveline went in a straight line from the front axle to the transfer and then back to the rear axle. Is this true?
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On this new setup, the transfer case sits wider and therefore the drivelines will not all be in a straight line. The axles where they go into the transfer case will be more towards the tires.

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......[] This is a rough idea of what I am talking about.
....../ The axle is about 1-3/4" out from centerline.

Does this matter? Is it a big deal?

thanks you for the help :cheers:
As long as you are using normal driveshafts (not a double cardan type), and the yokes don't bind in any way, you're fine. U-joint angles will be the same, and opposite, on both ends so you will not get any vibrations.

Normally when you look at a driveshaft from the side it slopes down towards a flange that is parallel with the output flange of the transfercase. This is exactly the same as watching the driveshaft from above and it angles to the left towards a flange that's parallel with the output flange.

With a double cardan joint on one side of the driveshaft it's a completely different story as the angles will be all correct when viewed from the side. But when looking from above the cv joint at the transferbox side equals a 0degree angle, while the driveshafts angles towards the diff flange. This will create vibrations.
Thanks for responding.

I can't remember what the max angles are supposed to be for universal joints, I will have to look that up but I was wondering if say the up/down angle was say 10 degrees on each side and the side to side angle was 5 degrees on both sides, do I have to add that all together to find the final angles? Or is all that hogwash and I shouldn't really worry about it?

The example you give is absolutely no problem as the 10degrees down and 5degrees to the side are in different planes, they don't get added up.
So no reason to worry ;)
there are vehicles that come from the factory like that so your good.
Awesome guys :) Thank you very much for putting my heart at ease.
No worries, glad I could help out! :cheers:
Swapped in a 350 back in 1996... Similar angles... You've got nothing to worry about.

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