Drivers Armrest Film?

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May 1, 2008
Eugene, OR
So i have a 03 LX470 and my drivers side armrest has developed this brown/grayish film. Has this happened to anyone else? How do I get it off? I would appreciate any advice!
clean it? the 'film' you are referring to is most likely oils from your body combined with skin cells and dirt. i bet you could also find this same film on your shifter lever and the backside of your steering wheel.
I have spot on the driver's side door where I rest my arm on that has worn through the finish.
Simple Green?
A leather cleaner will do wonders then follow with some thing like Leatherique or Lexol.

Leather is really much easier to maintain than most people realize. I usually end up using baby wipes since they tend to be close to the source of most of the messes. They are designed for hides and seem to work well enough.
Saddle Soap works great. You use it to clean all your leather surfaces.
I assume you are talking about the door armrest? Is that part even leather?

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