driver door lockout feature, not working FJ62

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Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA
this is not a power lock question ;)

I am pretty sure the 62 with power door locks works like the Fj60 or 40 or most any Toyota......

Its set up that if you lock the doors(manually or auto) that if you close the door, the driver lock with not lock(it will pop the lock back up) when you close the door, unless the door handle is held up when you close the door(or use the key)

well on our 1990 FJ62, if you lock the doors(either way) and close the door, it locks, the lock will not pop up.

I dont drive it much, the wife does. But I kinda recall at the end of winter(after it sat) the driver door would not latch when you closed the door, slammed it a few times and then it latched.

power locks work fine.

My 62 will remain locked if locked before closing the door. I don't ever recall using the key to lock, actually.
Yeah, I know what Landpimp is talking about. My old '85 4runner worked that way. But the 62 does not, nor does my '92 4x4 pickup. Locked is locked.
The 60's DO pop the lock back up if you don't hold the handle up... fwiw.

My 87 FJ60 will pop back up unless you hold the handle, but my 88 FJ62 will lock without the handle being held up as you close it.

no kidding, so our 62 is working normal, just seems odd to me, that it changed.

I know my my 82 FJ40 and 86FJ60 that the lock will pop back up if the handle is not held when closing the door. I thought I remembered my 92 FJ80 did also. I will have to go check out moms 97, I thought it also popped the lock back up(out)

wonder why it was changed? Its sure a good feature. wonder if the 62's with non power locks works like the Fj60

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