driveline - 94

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Jun 24, 2003
This is a followup from my diff and expansion valve post last week. I find that I have .25" -.5" movement (about the axis)on the drive shaft in front of the transfer and back of it. I dont get any movement side to side up or down. As previously written, a shop said the rear bearings and side bearings in the rear diff. need to be replaced. I would think bearings would need replacing if there is movement all over not so much about he this correct? I think it would be more about the gear wear/pinions etc. The yokes are tight. Where would the problem be, one area to make this much movement or several areas along the driveline since its moving even on the front shaft? A friend of mine has a 96 LC with less than .125" rotation on drive line.
Its a 94 semi float axels. I am assuming this is where the vibration and high pitched hum is coming from.


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