Drive shaft lengths

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May 26, 2007
Baton Rouge, LA
I'm in the planning stage of a transmission/t-case swap and need some info. My 10/69 40 already has a 4 speed transmission and transfer case but I would like to upgrade to a split case (I'm running a SBC). Did late 40s that came from the factory with a split case have longer drive shafts? If so, we're they both long or just the rear? How much longer were they?

The reason I ask is my one-piece tease is about 17" thick measured flange to flange and the split case seems to be about 2" shorter. The tranny and t-case i plan to install are from an '83 60 (without spacer).

Also, what is the correct/best orientation for the driveshaft? On my 40 the slip yoke is at the t-case end of the shaft but on the 60 I parted the slip joint was at the diff end.

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