Drive Ratio for Dyno Gear? Drag Coeff? Setting up OBDII scanner

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Mar 27, 2003
Below the Mackinac bridge
I'm setting up my new ProScan, it needs some info to figure out HP and torque curves. I haven't found drag coeff, and don't really know what drive ratio for dyno gear is. Anyone know where to get this?
OK, found a formula, now I just need tranny gear ratios and some basic math skills. I'm pretty sure I'll find gear ratios in the service manual.
A long time ago, someone posted a thread of the HP required at every speed for the 80. I printed it out and have it somewhere. It was in a thread regarding fuel efficiency, MPG or something and about a year ago I think.

Dunno what you're up to (no good, I'm sure) but this may have relevance.

IdahoDoug said:
Dunno what you're up to (no good, I'm sure)

No, this ProScan can give me torque and HP curves, but it needs to know some facts about my vehicles before it can calculate the physics. It'd be easy to send you the Elmscan and wiring so we could compare numbers. My first priority is to look at what the oxygen sensor is doing, it may be malfunctioning, or it may be at max because I've got a loose gas cap. I may borrow my neighbor's 40th for comparisons.

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