Drive and pasanger floor pans

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Mar 1, 2007
redding californa
hey guys i have a 71 fj40 and the drive and pasnager floor pans are almost rusted all the way through i know im guna have to cut the floor and put new in. but does any know of any place(website) that sells new pans that i would be able to take my cut from. dont know if that makes any sense. thank you
Both Cool Cruisers Of Texas, and Specter Off Road sell body panels. Check with them.
if you want original patterned floors then panels are not the ones for you. I used them on my 74 and they are not the same pattern...they are pretty good quality but not a direct weld in.
Here's my floor on my 74. I got the panels from CCOT and they look just like the originals.

Drivers floor.jpg
pasenger floor.jpg
SOR is now carrying Heritage sheet metal. They are listed on the Heritage web page and so are others that may be closser and save on shipping.

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