For Sale Drivable 1987 FJ60 Parts Vehicle

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I'm selling my 1987 FJ60 Landcruiser... What can I say about it... The vehicle does run, and drive down the road, with 147,000 miles on the clock, it's actually a low mileage example... The drive train does run and shift well... It has a matched set of tires that are in fairly good shape, and I rebuilt the brake master cylinder, that's the end of the "pretty good" part...

The drivers door had something fall off inside and it doesn't open from inside... Both driver and passenger windows don't roll down either. The gas tank has a problem in that it only runs out half the fuel before it dies, so (for now) it's running from a gas can in the back... Yes, it's a beater, but for a Parts Vehicle, it's actually a great old truck... You could actually drive it home if you don't live too far, and it is a treasure trove of parts, very sought after parts I might add... I'm torn between selling it and keeping it for parts when I get another (and I will get another), anyone who has had one knows what great trucks they are...

So rather than give orphan mice a home for the winter, I'm giving someone a chance to buy it outright before I start parting it out... I really can't say or show anything else, your best bet (if you're interested) is to come out and take a look for yourself... We're easy to get to (just east of the Twin Cities), about 2 miles off Hwy 94 on Hwy 65, but I warn, visiting us is Strictly BY APPOINTMENT ONLY... Please do not show up unannounced... $2200.00

Not sure how posting on this forum works so see Milwaukee or Twin Cities Craigs list for more info...

1987 FJ-60 Landcruiser 4X4 (For Parts) - $2200 (Hudson, WI.)

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Hi Rube: I've added more pictures to the Craig's List link you see at the bottom of this ad... It is what it is, a parts vehicle... It's dirty but very usable... And (as I said) it is a treasure trove of parts... If anyone is interested, I suspect they'll want to come out and take a look for themselves... BTW, the mileage is 167K and not 147K as I had said before... My mistake... Runs good though... Smooth, no chirps knocks klinks or sputters (or at least very few)... Of course, it is winter here in Wisconsin (something those of you who live in constant sunshine often forget) and as such, it may be a bit of a bear to start since I haven't started it in several months and it's been sitting in the snow in minus zero weather... But, if anyone has the urge to brave this beautiful Wisconsin weather, I'll be happy to get her going for you...

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