Drip, drip, drip...

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Aug 26, 2013
The Rockies
Maybe we are all subject to subtle forms of torture in restoring our Landcruisers. The current form of torture direct at me is one of ancient origins and recent controversy, water torture. I have a constant and most irritating drip of water that falls on my left knee while it rains. The water falls directly from the left grab handle inside my 62. The rate of the flow is variable depending on the rain, oddly the harder it rains the less the drip occurs. There seems to be no variation whether I am stopped or traveling. I have looked at the exterior rain gutter and windshield seal for any obvious problems to no avail. I have yet to remove the handle and explore from there up. Before I do any ideas? Thanks.
It's got to either be your gutter or the windshield gasket. I've got the same problem I am about to address and I believe mine is a combination of both since my gutters have cracks in the body sealer and my gasket is pretty old and appears to have shrinkage in the top and bottom corners.
I had this happen too. It was a rust perforation under the windshield gasket. I procured a new gasket, cut the old one so I could easily remove the glass, did the required repair and had an installer put the old glass back in. I'm glad I did, it needed attention and left unchecked, could have been the demise of the rig.
I had this in an old FJ75 truck. Had to take the dash out, found the lip on a bulkhead opening was rusted, allowing water through
Yep. A bad spot in the windshield seal is the culprit. There is about a 5 mm area that is affected by rust and allows the water to track behind it. I was fooled on the first glance as the seal appeared to be good and snug against the channel. After reading the replies here I dug deeper and found the spot up on the roof line. It looks as if I caught it early enough to affect a good repair. Thanks Guys!

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