Drilling Out Oil Pump Screws?

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Sep 20, 2003
I'm in the middle of doing a PM HG job and decided to go ahead take care of the oil leaks while I'm at it. Removing the oil pump cover has turned into a major pain in my ass. I am trying to avoid removing the timing chain cover because I really don't want to deal with the crank bolt.

I read Zane's excellent writeup and so far I have f'ed up four screws and broke one bit. In Zane's writeup, landtank and knorrena "drilled out" the screws. I've never done this so my question is how does one exactly drill out a screw? Do you drill the entire head and shank out? Should I be concerned about damaging the threads?

Another question: has anyone tried using the Craftman "Easy Out" stripped screw remover? The info commercial makes it look as easy as brushing your teeth.

I will be ordering 7 new M6x12 TORX socket flat head screws per landtanks suggestion and tossing Mr. T's No. 3 phillips screws.

Thanks. Doug
Drill out screws or bolts with a reverse cut drill bit,solid cobalt.Use a bit Smaller than the shaft of the ones you need out,go slow,drill straight this is not a race use a good drill. 2 cents Mike
Dont use easy outs. If you break one your screwed. Yeah its a pun, but its true. Just get yourself, or borrow, a 90* drill and a bit the same size as the screw threads. The head will pop off before you can do any damage to the threads. I used a pneumatic drill when I did it. I would not worry about the torx screws because the truck will be dead by the next time you have to do it. Like Michael said, be patient.
Sounds like a plan. Thanks. Doug
I also had a lot of trouble getting the screws out. I ended up using this extractor on a couple of them:
Craftsman 6 pc. Power Extractor and Damaged Screw Remover - Model 52156 at Sears.com

This type also works, but doesn't break loose the really stuck screws as well:
Craftsman 3 pc. Deck-Out Screw and Bolt Removers - Model 52151 at Sears.com

I don't see much danger of either type breaking off and making a worse problem by sticking in the screw head. Be sure that you use a very slow speed drill with them.

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