Drilling into the dash

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Mar 27, 2003
Frederick, MD
I picked up a Ram mount today for my new GPS (GPSmap 76S) and I'm struggling to find the best place to mount it. I’d like to keep it relatively high up on the dash so I don’t have to take my eyes too far off the road. So far I’ve come up with two options:

1) Cut a piece of wood to fit in the odd cubby where the cup holder should go. Make it long enough that it sticks out far enough to mount the 2.5 inch diameter base. Pros: don’t have to drill holes in anything permanent. Cons: real close to the passenger airbag and I’m not sure how the little plastic cubby would hold up to the weight of the GPS, mount and a block of wood.

2) Screw it into the dash (actually the Instrument Panel Safety Pad Sub-Assembly) so that the GPS is held out between the two air vents left of the digital clock. Pros: great location—easy to reach and I can still buy the cup holder for my copilot. Cons: might drill into something important under the dash pad.

If I drill into the dash pad is there anything under there that I need to watch out for?

You guys have any thoughts or opinions?

Here is a drawing of the mount: http://www.ram-mount.com/drawings/ramb138.pdf

Before you put any holes in it get a price for the component that you are thinking about modifying. In that case you will know how much it will cost you if you don't like how it turned out or if you break something.

Poking a hole that you may not like in a 600 dollar dash pad is bad form.

I believe someone on this board was attaching his GPS to the map light panel or some where on the overhead in that area :slap: , can't remember were exactly. I agree with Dan, don't drill into the dash pad.

Wayne S :cheers:
Over the years I've seen 4 of 5 different configurations for a GPS and none of them were drilled into the dash. Drilling stuff into the dash just reminds me too much of my buddies old Mavrick....man that thing wouldn't die!

If I were you I'd start a post beggin the nice folks of the this board to post what they have done or have pics of...you might sway yourself pretty quick.
I mounted my Garmin using some of the dash screws that were already there. Of how about a flexible arm(like on cell phones) bolted to the console?

get out the FSM before drilling to see what where, also as the dash is foam it might not be the best to get a grip with a screw.
I have a ram mount into the dash. Can take some pics tomorrow even though we're supposed to get more snow (on the day I'm supposed to become one and bond with my EGR :'(). Will post tomorrrow.
[quote author=Junk link=board=2;threadid=10149;start=msg90702#msg90702 date=1074136381]
I have a ram mount into the dash. ... Will post tomorrrow.

Nice Answer, Junk.
So anyone know whats under the foam padding on the dash is there some harder plastic under there? And if so, how deep down is it?

Wayne, Photoman had the GPS mounted to the base of the rearview mirror. I agree that it's a slick setup. But this GPS is much bigger and shaped different. Thus, it wont work like that.

Safado, you hit the nail on the head. I'm more than willing to take other suggestions.


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