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Dec 13, 2017
DFW Texas
Greetings from Texas.

New to the GX world, just picked up an 05 so we have something to wheel with the wife and kiddos while out ridding dirt bikes. So far we love the truck!

Traded out of a RX and have been really happy.

The one thing we don't like is the Nav system / phone interface on the GX. I looked at adding an aftermarket unit, but the system is tied into the climate controls.

I've seen upgrade map CD's, the VAIS Tech and GROM blutooth adapters, but those seem like patches for an outdated system.

Has anyone downgraded to the Non-nav climate controls and then added an aftermarket head unit?

Our GX has nav, ML stero, and rear DVD.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
It's a common complaint, many of the threads on "what to look for when buying a GX" will warn of the antiquated nav system and its limitations. I haven't seen a feasible workaround to date, there are some promising android "Tesla style" units, but nothing that is plug and play in the GX's yet.
Just signed up for GXOR and saw the Tesla thread. Will be patient for now. That looks like a promising fix. Hope they can get the rear DVD option sorted as well. The kids love it.

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