downey v8 motor mounts

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Nov 1, 2004
shrewsbury, pa
have just over 500 miles on the newly built sbc and low and behold the driver side motor mount has become separated. meaning the top metal has let go of the rubber bushing. anyone else have this problem and is there any other supplier for some motor mount bushings. because i really dont want to have to run solid mounts. thanks guys. Ill be calling downey also tomorrow to say what they say..


motor mounts

I believe these are just like the A.A. motor mounts that I have . Mine went out in less than 100 miles . I found out that I didn't have the engine and frame mounts aligned straight . I took care of that and it's been 6 years with no problems . The old style wasn't very good but I've had no problems with the new ones since I straighten the mounts out . Good luck

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