Downey suspension

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They are more expensive and the guys that run Downey are real pricks. The product is not any better, so in short skip them.
thanks for the heads-up. I think I need to change my shocks. My cruiser's ride is definitely not what it used to be. what are the signs that you need to change shocks? what other shocks can I use with the OME springs? Bilsteins?
With the right adapters, you can run whatever shock you wish. With stock bumpstops, the factory replacement Bilsteins would be great and improve the ride on any cruiser with over 200,000km or 100k miles, and the cost is competitive to OME, yet the ride is probably better.
The issue has been hashed out in 20+ threads, but if you are using stock springs or OME low lift springs (861/862) it is a no brainer to go Bilstein. Far superior quality and life to the Old Man Emu labled Monroe's. More than 2" of lift and you are pretty much pushed into the OME shocks.

If you don't want to spend the $250 for the Bilsteins, the $100 for four OEM Tokico's from Cruiser Dan is the only way to go.
My springs are 851-front and 860-rear.

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