doubler ?

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Don't you have to change out to a center pumpkin axle for this arrangement?
HAVE TO is such a strong set of words.

There are a binch of people ruhning them and not having issues with the offset.

Here is the way Toyota build them in the early 60's. They ran the centered axle and the offset T-case. I will get a better picture of it.
The cheapest douibler setup would be a mini truck setup. I know a guy that is running dana 60's with a vette motor and he uses it hard. He has not broke a 21 spline mini transfer case. If you want to go with a centered rear axle, go with a mini truck cruiser hybrid setup. Basically what you do is take the center of the cruiser axle and the axle tubes of a mini truck axle and the mini axles tubes slide in the cruiser axle tubes. You use the mini truck axles and you are set. Woody was running this exact axle. The 203-205 doubler is way lond and I think toy might have some problems fiting it.

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