DOOR rust 26Sep2005

Jul 7, 2004
OK, so how did u guys clean the inside of your doors? 1980 FJ40. I'm getting ready to anti-rust the inside of the doors and they are full of crap and stuff. Put some new glass in and cleaned, greased the regulator and coated the tracks with teflon. Now to rust proof the inside and outside be for installing new weather seals ($150).

On the issue of cleaning the inside of the doors (FJ-40, 1980)...

Goto a hardware store and buy a refig brush. this brush has long tapered bristles and a long handle and fits prefect inside of door. Take a screwdriver and pound it up thru the drain holes (4) to open them up. The back corner is what rusts up first and is blamed on not opening these vents in the first place. Use the brush to scrape and clean inside of door. Buy a can of "Ambur Rustproofing 4423" by "Transtar". This stuff is designed to be used for interior hard to reach places; it stay semi liquid and tacky and will flow into cracks and between metal plates. Spay the crap out of the inside of the door.

Next is the weather-stripping. Buy OEM, cost =$253.23 for all four doors. Remove old weather-stripping. To aid in removal use a dremel and wire brush then clean with goof off or something similar. Sand the lower, rusty parts of the door and use "Rust Fix" on door then spray with appropriate color (let dry over nite). Use an appropriate weather-seal glue and begin attaching the weather-stripping. The OEM does not require trimming and fits perfect. Very nice stuff and worth the price.


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