Wanted Door locks or Windshield wiper

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AFAIK, there is only one door lock cylinder on wing window FJ40, and that is on the driver side. The passenger side is locked/unlocked from the inside of the vehicle.

I may have a single door lock cylinder/with key, and may also still have a wiper arm. I just need to sort through the use parts stash I have. PM if interested for price/details.
If landcruiserdude cant help. I know I have the arm. All I need to know is if you have the straight version or the version that has the slight turn up on the end the wiper mounts on.
You can order a brand new door lock with two keys at your Toyota dealer for less than $20. The lock has the rotating dust cap and the keys are marked Toyota - very slick. I think I paid $14 or $16.

I believe I ordered a brand new wiper arm, too - and the dealers have refills - though not too many left in the system.


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