Door lock when key is turned to start rig.

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Apr 4, 2004
Mountain View,CA
OK so This sounds crazy and there is no way Toyota would do it on an older rig and not a newer rig. My 80 series when I started the rig the doors would automaticaly lock. So Now that I have a 100 series I cant find anywhere that says it will. Mine will not lock by themselves. I have to lock them manually. Yes I did a search first. :bang: But maybe there is a double secret code so they will lock when I start the rig.
Nope. No auto-lock. Atleast in the Landcruiser
Well WTF????
Im selling my 100..J/K..
But still double damn!!!!
Sounds like you have an aftermarket keyless entry installed on the 80. It's not an OEM feature for the 80 or 100. I had an Autopage remote start/keyless on my 80 and it would lock the doors when you started the truck and unlock them when you turned it off.
yep...aftermarket alarm/keyless entry/remote start feature
OK, so there is no auto lock when you start your 100, but there are some auto lock/unlock features.

If you are having to do it manually it sounds like your auto lock features are turned off.

I have just posted instructions for what I have found in the FAQ here. These steps worked in my 03, never experimented with my 00 but it locked/unlocked automatically. Hope that helps.
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OK my 80 had the factory Toyota alarm on it. As far as I have know all my friends 80's did the same with the factory alarm. Not an after-market alarm.
Thanks Topoguide. Will give it a try today.
Programmable feature ?

I've driven Tahoes that do this and find it very annoying. I assume that the way the doors are constructed in the Tahoe that locking is required for safety. Toyota probably builds them different (better).

Do you live in a high crime area ?
My 99 has that autolock feature. I guess it's a country or dealer option?
No I dont live in a high crime area. But I work in one. I liked it on my 80 series. Kinda figured the 100 would do the same. :bang: I just have to do it myself now. No worries. Thanks for checking boyz..
I bought Paul's 80 and it does lock as soon as you start the truck. My previous two 80's did the same which were a 97 and a 96 :p

Both 97's had the factory alarm and the "get this" 96 had no alarm and the door locks still locked :meh:

BTW: Lov'n the 40th. I need to send you some pics... :popcorn:
Hi John,
Glad the 40th Anni is working out great for you. I miss it but know you will take care of it and use it. Still working on my 100 series. Slow going but it will come around soon. Need to get a lift and some sliders soon. Waiting on slee's new front bumper. Then I will truly be :grinpimp: Hell ya send me some pics. Wanna how she looks now. Send some wheeling pics too. Glad it worked out for both of us. :cheers:

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