Door Latch Rod Clip Replacement

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Nov 19, 2003
Sahuarita AZ
My passenger front door has been a little difficult to open for a while. Last week the outside handle stopped working and the window would not go down very far.

I pulled the inside door panel off and found the rod that is supposed to connect the outside handle to the latch mechanism disconnected from the latch and laying in the path of the window. There was a small plastic ring on the metal rod connector piece that looked like it may have been part of a bushing. It looked like a C-clip was missing from the metal connector, but after searching the web I found that it was a plastic clip that had failed. I never found the rest of the old plastic connector.

I tried to find the exact part from several Land Cruiser parts stores and others, but no luck. Then tried a local O'Riely Auto Parts store. They had two different variety packs, but could not tell me if any in either would work. I took a chance and tried the Dorman 75450. Long story short one of them worked perfectly. The one that worked is the circled one in the upper right of the picture here, not the slightly mangle one upper left.

I had counted the number of turns it took to get the metal connector off of the rod and so I could put it back together in the same position (15 3/4). But it was not quite right so popped it out, adjusted and popped it back in and repeated until it seemed about perfect. Pictures attached.

I lubricated all of the moving pieces of the door latch and window regulator that I could reach with white lithium grease and put it all back together. The door and window mechanism are working way better than they have for years.



Good find. This is going to become more and more of an issue as time goes on with our rigs. I'm frankly amazed that the plastic clips on my handle linkages are all still intact and in surprisingly good shape.

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