Door fit and hinge question

May 23, 2022
Trying to help my dad out. He bought. 78 fj40 with an aluminum tub. I think the owner never put the hardtop in it and the doors he got with it are obviously from another cruiser although they appear to at least match the 78 specs. It came with a factory hard top that obviously has not been on it in a very long time. I spent thanksgiving weekend hoping to get the top amd doors on but we ran into two problems:

1. The top of the door doesn’t seem to fit the windshield frame. About 1.5 “ gap. I’ve read some similar threads about this and most people say ti just move the windshield frame back by backing out the windshield screws. I don’t think I can move the windshield back as it seems to mount fairly good to the door headers on the hard top. Picture posted below. Any suggestions for this fix?

2. My dad ordered new hinge pins for the hard doors. (Soft half doors have been on it). The hinge pins seem too short. Are the hinge pins for the back ambulance doors different? Thinking maybe he ordered those instead. If not can someone give me how long the hinge pins should be in case somebody has altered the hinges from factory. Which might explain the door figment problems as well.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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