Dont pay $40 for a brake pedal switch!

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Jan 5, 2014
Buckeye Az
I recently replaced the brake pedal switch in my FJ-40. Several vendors online sell them for around $40. Turns out that when you buy this switch for an FJ-40 its $40, but when you buy the exact same switch for a Corolla, its magically only $10-$20.

SLS-103 - EBay

General 3180 - Ebay - $10 w/ shipping username Clagn

JA401 - AutoZone
i have an interchange book by hollander that shows all the parts that interchanged with the cars and pickups by toyota published in 1982
What year 40?
Switch #84380-30010 was used with Corona 08/1973-07/1978 and Land Cruiser 1970-1976 and shows as NLA. Part #84380-20010 shows as being used for Celica 1977-1981, Corona 1973-1981, Cressida 1977-1984 and Land Cruiser 1969-1989 and is still available for $18.13 at .
i had to replaced the rubber plunger on mine.... otherwise the switch would stay 'ON' and the brakes lights stayed on.

@shelfboy1 - that's a handy reference item !
For exterior lights or inside BRAKE light?
exterior brake light switch...the interior brake light is triggered by the switches mounted on the master cylinder....those switches can go bad and give false brake warning interior light, or if they are functioning properly, they will trigger when there isn't enough brake fluid/pressure, indicating a leak or bad MC...

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