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Sep 17, 2006
Santa Rosa, CA
My dome light took a hit and the switch is destoryed. I could not find a section in the shop manuel describing its operation and the SOR web site isn't much better and doens't seem to offer the dome light housing - just the lens.

parting out section or a junk yard? I would be surprised if the same dome light is not found on other Toyota vehicles of the same vintage. I can check the model applications when I get home tonight.
.....after you replace it go with the LED wafers, they are awesome. The great thing about LED's is they are bright as heck and you could leave it on for weeks and not kill the battery.
Used to be some cruiserheads, but....

Where do you get the wafers?

You can check the classified for "taskled" and see if anyone has any they want to sell/trade. The gentleman who built those hasn't done so in a few years, but you can now find more stuff on ebay that might suit the need.

led dome light | eBay

I've got to update my internal lighting - LED's are great for spot, but have issues with us older dinosaurs as tail lights - its pretty directional, and something you have to replace the flasher unit to make up for the 1/10 power consumption that LED's take vs. incandescent - other wise you can run into the lights not drawing enough to work with the old style relay flasher.

Glenn in Tucson
I'd recommend the LEDs over the ebay ones. I like the high output 4 and 6 LED models.

6 can be a bit tough to fit, but worth it in the back for sure! I did the 2 bulb LED in my dome, but plan on swapping in the 6 eventually for even more light. Absolutely amazing improvement for both the dome and cargo lights!

I have specific model info in my LED thread in sig.

I wish I'd have known this last week. I was up in Reno/Sparks at the Pick-N-Pull pulling some stuff off an FJ60 and the dome lights looked good. I'll second the taskleds. They work good, like night and day. Are they still available?
i have the what looks to be same dome light in my 85, 60 as i do in my 99 honda civic junk yards should be full of em
Where do you get the wafers?

I have previously bought some online but the last two sets I purchased I bought from Autozone as well. The ones I bought were 20 LED wafers and were $19.99 each. Might seem pricey at first but two years later they are as bright as ever and I never worry about leaving a door open or one of my family leaving a dome light switched on. The advantage of buying from Autozone for me was no shipping and the store near me is awesome about returns. If you care about your night vision I would consider going red in front and white in back or all red. You can still see very well with red and your eyes will not need to adjust near as long as when using white.

LED Wafers.jpg

Good call, I bought the same product but chose the 20 count wafers. One red and one white.
LED Wafers.jpg
Did the 2 bulb LED in the dome as suggested by Sleepy, huge improvement!

I keep meaning to upgrade to the 4 Hi output LED, or even the 6 LED one.

Here's my sections from the LED thread i have in sig related to this:
To compare the Dome lights:

I have old style from George (

Like this:

works awesome, very bright, but a bit tight width wise, and i put a bit of elec tape on back to cover it just in case. The new one looks like it might fit better:

but says 70 lumens (vs original 1 Watt) - so assuming it's dimmer?!?

Again, until i can compare side by side I can't say which is brighter/better... However i do like the price difference of 7.00 for the 2HP in post above, vs 30.00 for george's fine LED's.

I'll update when i have both in my grubby little hands...

and to be clear - i'm going to compare the old style w/ the 3022 xhp2 from I won't be purchasing the new version of George's LED dome light.


I've done both dome lights. I think for the price the the front dome light 3022-xHP2 work great. and for 7 bucks...


This is the one i am going to use behind my heater controls w/ a red gel to get the red i want and still have it bright enough. I tried the low power 9 block in red and it wasn't bright enough. I also tried the festoon 4 low power and it really sucked! (EDIT - new HP4 fits same size and likely brighter - gel for color you want)

and for the back i swapped in the 6 HP LED - SUPER nice and bright. awesome to light up the cargo area. 3710-xHP6 and ~15$


(EDIT - updated pics. Also am going to try the HP6 in dome with some mods it is supposed to fit. HP4 will definitely (just newer version of the HP2 i used))


I keep meaning to upgrade to the 4 Hi output LED, or even the 6 LED one.

Here's my sections from the LED thread i have in sig related to this:

I am curious why one would chose a 6 LED bulb style LED over a 20 LED wafer. I mean these 20 LED wafers turn night to day, the installation is simple, are the bulb style LED's superior in some way.

I think we have hijacked this thread pretty badly, hope the OP is cool with it. :eek:
Back to the original question, The dome in my 87 Camry looks just like my FJ60. I haven't compared them directly but I think they will all cross over.
Did you cross reference the part number 2mbb posted?

I posted the cross reference for the FJ60 dome light through 1984, I think. There was a part number change for later model years, but I didn't get that cross reference. Sometimes the part number changes, but the new part will still work, even if the old part is not superseded by the new part. In this case, the most important thing is probably the location of the mounting holes.

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