Dome light upgrade attempt leads to darkness and beeping

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Oct 20, 2010
Vancouver, BC, Canada
I was installing some LEDs in the dome lights of my truck and now I have a problem. I got the LED from this guy They're supposed to be kickass. Anyway, I got the front one installed OK, but when I put the middle one it, it shone for a few seconds and then both the front one and the middle one went out.

I checked all the fuses and they're good.

Also, now with the key in the ignition in the OFF position, the key-left-in-ignition warning beep goes off no matter if all windows, sunroof and doors are closed. The door-ajar light isn't on though, so I figure all the door-closed sensors are working.

It's almost like the truck thinks I've left a dome light on but I've pulled all the bulbs and played with all the switch positions and the beeping still goes on. It beeps whenever the key is in the ignition and in the OFF position regardless of anything else.

Anybody had this annoying gem?
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My truck isn't that smart....good luck. ;)
My truck isn't that smart....good luck. ;)

Old school smugness. I guess you have to have something to smile about to the luxury coil sprung crowd. :lol:

To the OP, sorry I can't help much either. I would try putting back the original bulbs, check the fuses, etc. Some "modern" electronics like to see a certain current draw.
I must confess I do have a LED dome light though. :eek:

To original PO: Do you have a Dimmer switch on your headlights that when turned all the way to the right/or left that the dome light comes on? Perhaps that circuit is still hot? Something may have shorted/grounded but you checked your fuses; it's a strange one.

Electrical gremlins suck; we have them in our old trucks too....
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I installed some in the front n middle I picked up locally but they aren't as big as what you got, I will upload photos at another date but I can have them all on with no problems.

As for the warning beeps all I have is the sunroof warning but nothing to do with keys in the ignition.

Try reversing its position. ie turn the part that snaps in there 180 degrees.
Do you have a Dimmer switch on your headlights that when turned all the way to the right/or left that the dome light comes on? Perhaps that circuit is still hot?

I don't have any dimmers. The front light has only a two position toggle (ON, DOOR) while the middle and rear lights have three position toggles (ON, OFF, DOOR).

I realized first thing this morning that the AM/FM radio doesn't work either so, with that and the weird beeping, my truck just got a lot less enjoyable to drive :frown:.

I'll do some more guessing and testing tonight. Thanks for the ideas.
I'm a total idiot. It was the fuse after all. It was just a sneaky little break in it. I apologize profusely.

After reading on another thread about another guy whose map light and radio stopped working at the same time, I figured it had to be the fuse so took another look.

On a positive note, I seem to have ordered the wrong kit, so I have LEDs for those little lights in the doors, but nowhere to put them. I can mail them to any club member who wants them. I guess preference should be given to those who came to my aid re: this thread.

Looks like the GoC is going to legislate its wholly-owned crown corporation to allow its own employees to come back to work soon, so mail should work.
We will forgive you this time :flipoff2:

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