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Mar 10, 2005
Last night, my dome light would not turn off when I closed my door.

I checked all the doors, all were closed but the dome light stayed on.

I shut the dome light off manually. I was driving home and reached back to move the dome light switch back to door and it did not come on.

Go home and turned off the headlights and the dome light came on.

Basically, headlights on, dome light off, headlights off, dome light on. All doors closed.

This is on my 86 HJ60. Anyone ever had anything like this happen?

Where do I start looking for the short (assuming it is a short)?

strange. I would look for water in the lh side of the car around the fuse panel and door plunger. Just have a good look at the wires for dampness. Not sure what is going on there.

But best to start digging around as a short can lead to fire. Have a look really well..
It was raining Wed night and that seems to be the issue.

No rain Thu and no issues with the dome light. Guess I have to look for a leak.


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