Doing manifold on FJ60?

Discussion in '40- & 55-Series Tech' started by Blue60, May 13, 2003.

  1. Blue60


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    Mar 16, 2003
    Questions for "been there done that" mechanics...

    Planning to resolve what I believe to be a manifold leak on my 85 FJ60, and take care/replace a leaky water pump this weekend. I've ordered two manifold gaskets, along with a donut gasket for the down pipe, and a water pump with associated gasket.

    My survey questions regarding the manifold are:

    (1) There is conflicting info regarding using copperseal or using two manifold gasekts, etc. when doing the manifold. I plan on having the manifold milled flat if need be. So what's the consensus if I do indeed have it milled flat? How about if it doesn't need to be milled, or isn't cracked?

    (2) What are the "tricky" areas I need to be cognizant of before, during and after the job. I'm aware of the need for proper torque methods, and retorquing after a couple of heating and cooling cycles, anything else?

    (3) General order of attack? Remove downpipe, airfilter housing, throttle linkage, carb, heatshield, then the manifold?
    I'm looking for any clues here...

    (4) While I have all this stuff off, is there anything else I should check/do?

    And lastly, for the water pump repair or replacement. My symptom is minor leakage after short runs without the engine being able to come up to running temperature. I suspect the shaft isn't thermal expanding enough around the packing to seal well. When it's hot, no problem. At most, I lose less than "dixie" cup of coolant.

    (1) Any tricks/tips for the repair/replacement?

    (2) General order of attack? I'm hoping not to have to pull the radiator.

    (3) Anything else I should do while I'm "in there?" Belts?

    Thanks for any/all advice and input


  2. CruisinGA


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    Mar 27, 2003
    Georgia Tech
    On my 40, I used two Toyota gaskets from SOR, to replace the one blown one on there. I put them on dry. 2 weeks later its all good.
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