Dog Town Lake / Williams

Aug 26, 2005
Prescott Valley, AZ
Dog Town Lake is a small lake south of Williams. Camping facilities are simple at best.
There has been some interest in getting a gang to camp out there. We could set up a comfy camp and hang out.
The place is 15-20 minutes south of Williams. There are a lot of pubs, diners and other food sources there in Williams on Route 66 downtown, as well as grocery stores. They could use the business.
It is one of a few places left where you can camp without bringing any food, if you don't want to. Just live in camp and eat in restaurants.
There are some attractions in Williams, including "Bearizona", and a deer farm east of the town on I-40. At Bearizona there is a baby critter area that thrills the kids, and at the deer farm, "wild" deer and elk will kick your ass if you don't feed them. It's fun.
There are some trails that show on the map that might be interesting. We could check them out.
Anybody interested?

OffRoad Rage

Dry Roasted in the Desert
May 22, 2006
NW Valley
Sounds like this has good potential for a family camping, get out of the heat, light wheeling type trip. Any good fishing? Definitely interested depending on timing. Need to get the kids out of the house and away from modern electronics this summer.
Apr 21, 2005
Biggest trout I ever caught (5lbs) was from Dog Town Watershed as I remember it being called. But that was imany years ago in the early spring before the camp ground opened. As I remeber the camp ground is only on a small part of the lake. Most the shore line was just forst. Also remember taking a short cut on Garland Prairie exit off of Interstate 40 east of Williams. The long way was going south of williams then taking the White Horse turn off and heading east. But things could have changed since I was there. First time was about forty years ago the last was probably over twenty. I do remember one trip in the spring we parked a tent trailer close to the boat lauch area. The wind was so strong during the day it moved the tent trailer. The areas up north have had a lot of wind this year so if you go I would try and stay further away from the lake and into trees. I now have a place close to the Blue Ridge Reservoir so really don't travel to the Williams area anymore. One thing to keep in mind there probably won't be any open fires anywhere until the summer rains start. Half the fun of camping is sitting around the camp fire with good friends at night.

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