Doetsch Tech 8000 series shocks with lift impressions

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Apr 19, 2008
San Diego
I have a Hell Creek 2.5" lift on my 60. I added 1.5" longer shackles so I probably have a little over 3" of lift. This lift came with Rough Country shocks which are, well, pretty darn rough. They softened up with time but eventually one lost it's gas pressurization and would fade badly on rough roads. I decided to try something different.

Doetsch Tech is local (El Cajon) and I have used their shocks in the past. I installed their 8000's on my 4runner and though they rode rough they handled hard off roading really well. The 8000 series shock is their prerunner shock and is neither their stiffest nor softest shock. I decided to give them a try on my 60 and they are awesome.

They take the small bumps very smoothly but feel like they control and damp movement very well. Off road the truck is very settled. Although I don't intend to need it, they have an integrated jounce bumper. Since they are longer than the rough country shocks they replaced I have more flex which is always nice.

I could give you the lengths I used but really you need to measure your truck. If you have a 4" lift you might want longer shocks than I used. In general, our trucks need a compressed length not greater than 14.5" in the front and maybe a little less in the rear, not quite sure there. They lots of information on their site.

If you order from DT, just tell them you need 5/8" bushings and they will make sure you get them.

Hey man I just ordered the exact spring/shackle set up you have. Can you let me know the shock part numbers you used for the front and back? Thanks man.
I ran Doetsch Tech shocks on my 40, which was mainly a trail rig, and I really likes them. I would try them again.
I have to find the paperwork for the exact part number but I can help.

Check out their spec page.

I bought shocks that were 14.5" compressed, 24.5" extended. Note that I am likely going to have to shim my rear bumps stops about .5" as I am on the borderline of having the shock bottom out (shocks have a built in jounce bumper) at the same time the truck's jounce bumper is compressing. As you will see they make a 13.5 compressed 23.5" extended that would be about perfect for the rear shock if you don't want the extra droop. Our shocks have S1 (stud at the top) and EB1 mounts at the bottom on the front. The rears are EB1 both ends.

I asked about the the 8277 and 8282 noting in the email I had 5/8" mounts on my fj60 and they responded....

"Hi Frank:

We have those shocks in stock, we have 5/8 bushings.

Price per shock is $45.75 ea x 4 = 183.00 plus Tax 16.47

Did you want to Will Call? or Ship? (22.50)"

So if you are at all concerned about getting the correct part you can call or email them and they will make sure you get the right stuff.


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