Does the Tacoma have A-TRAC and a rear locker

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Those features are part of the TRD Off Road package.
Lockers are available for any model of Tacoma. Factory locker with the TRD Off-road package, ARB and Harrop for all the others.

Personally, I feel that the non-TRD offroad diff is a better design than the TRD Offroad diff and with an ARB is going to be a stronger setup.

ATRAC is a nice option to have if you don't have lockers (and I am surprised its not an option for the other non-TRD offroad models)
I think ATRAC is only available on manual transmission Off-road and Pro models. The automatics in Off-road and Pro have the Crawl Control. Both manual and automatics get the rear locker.
I found the crawl control to be useless.
Looks good on video... maybe good in sand.
I worked myself out of a slick mud hole that crawl control could not.
I will probably agree once I have more time wheeling mine.
My 4Runner has both crawl control and A-trac but of course it's an automatic. The one thing I really wish I could (and may) change. A-Trac and the locker are fantastic and I'm very impressed with how capable it is stock with just some A/T's on it. But the crawl control I find is more of a gimmic. Neat but not really practical. It did enable me to get the truck ridiculously stuck in deep snow last year though....
Tacoma trd off road and pro have rear locker, crawl control and multi terrain select. Can't stand the noise of crawl control but it works ok as a brake induced front locker. Mts is pretty useful.
Borrowed from Doggman on TacomaWorld - a bit to digest but it summarizes 3rd gen traction control modes for all trim levels.


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