Does the shifter have light?

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Jul 12, 2003
Just figuring stuff out in our new (to us) fzj80...after the sun set tonight I noticed that the notations PNRD21 next to the shifer are not lit up. (They are lit fine on the dash.) Is this correct, or does a light bulb need replacing?


Doug Graham
they dont light up.

Doug -

Chris answered your question correctly, but a clarification...

On the 95-97 models, there is a backlight under the shifter gear letters "PNRD21" that is on when the headlights are on, but it is a difuse light intended to help the driver see the shifter - it does not indicate what gear you are in. Those, like yours are on the dash.

Don't know if this is also the case with 94 and earlier models.

Cheers, R -
The indicator at the shift lever is also "back-lit" on the 91-94 80 series. For that matter, all Toyota automatic transmission indicators mounted at the shift lever are "back-lit" regardless of year or model.

Since I appear to have no backlight at the shifter, can I assume that there is a bulb that I can replace? My FSM has not arrived yet, and the owners manual doesn't say anything about replacing a bulb in this area?

Yes, there is a bulb that you can replace. You will need to remove the console to access it. I don't remember off-hand the number. I can look it up for you tomorrow and post back.
Thanks Cruiserdan - the part number would be great - I really appreciate your help!

Best Regards,
The center shifter lightbulb is a standard automotive bulb..You can get the light bulb at autozone or any other car place. If i remember correctly..think it is the same lightbulb as the glovebox bulb. It is about $1 at autozone.

SA and Cruiserdan - found a replacement bulb at a local auto parts store. Feeling kinda dumb for asking the question in the first place, since it turned out to be such an easy fix. But thanks to your kindness, one little thing is fixed.
1 thing down, 16 to go!
You fix list will prob look like this..after a few weeks on this board! :D

1. Replace shifter light bulb.
2. Buy OME J Springs
3. Buy BFG MT 315's
4. Buy ARB Bullbar
5. Buy Warn M12000 Winch
6. Buy OME Steering Stablizers
7. Buy OME Shocks
8. Buy TRD Super Charger
9. Buy Slee Rear Bumper
10. Buy Slee Skid Plate
11. Replace "antenna up/down" button lights!

Um, Joe....

I believe you meant to say #1 Buy TRD Super Charger.... ::)
No question, the list of stuff to do is growing. Fortunatly the truck runs really well, so I have time to be methodical. In which case I got some good advice from Kurt...

What I did was:
all wheel baarings
steering bearings
diff bearings ( the front didn't need it and the rear I havent done yet)
plugs,wires cap rotor
spark plug seals, valve cover gasket
all fluids; brake,power steering,tranny,diff, t-case, coolant etc
tie rod ends

birfields, mine were worn so I got Newfieds (cheaper than OEM)
u-joints, I replaced them, they didn't need it
check valves
clean intake chamber ( to fix egr problem)

this should keep you busy for a couple of weeks

Once I get most of that stuff taken care of, and some stereo upgrades, I can get to work on all the fun stuff you guys are talking about. No question, this is an addiction. It's good, but hard to "let go of."

See ya,
Ancient thread here, but whatever it helped me. For future sake here is a picture of the tiny bulb. This is out of my 1994 FZJ80 under the shifter. It had a green rubber/plastic condom over the bulb that I removed. To get the socket out I turned it about 90° and gently pulled down.

The light should be a 74 type, the same as in the glove box. So might as well buy 2 LEDs and swap both.

Yep, LED is the way to go. Takes a wedge type 74
Mines been burned out since I got it in 2014 but heck if I'd ever want it lit up like that. It's not all that difficult to know how many clicks to each place and that light just looks obnoxious for nighttime driving.

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