Does the relay rod ends adjust?

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Sep 23, 2005
I've got the a couple, or three, beat up relay rods and among all the parts I can get enough good stuff to build up one good, solid relay rod. But I've never done anything with them and I wonder if the ends adjust? What I mean is, how hard do I tighten down the threaded plug on the ends???

The only thing I have to buy is the rubber boot on the pitman arm end. CRIMONY, it's like $29 from SOR! What up with that? Toyota must still have this. Any less expensive through Toyota directly?

Redlands, CA
FSM says to tighten all the way down, then back off ~3 turns. I've got mine backed off about 3/4 of a turn, and it's much better. Others have done similar. No clue if there's a downside.
Thanks. And my apologies for the gruesome syntax in the post's title. Embarrassing.
Almost forgot to ask this as well: the part that actually slips into the pitman arm or the tie rod & is threaded on the end, what is it called, and MOST IMPORTANTLY are they of the same dimensions? Put a caliper on them & it appears so but wanted to ask to be sure in case I mix them up. It's been known to happen with me. :eek:
Lastly, how much torque is applied to those bolts?
I'm adapting FJ60 power steering to my FJ40 and I don't want to buy a FSM for just this one task. Thanks.
Redlands, CA
You use a flat head on the end of the relay rod to tighten it?
Torque specs are as follows:

- Relay rod ends are 67 ft-lb.

- Relay rod clamps are 33 ft-lb

Hope that helps...:)

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