does the climate control lights stay on even if the system is OFF?- (1 Viewer)

Dec 14, 2002
NW side of chicago
I am try to trace a short in the gauge system of the fuse box. My gauge fuse is tripping/blowing and the HVAC is tied into the gauge fuse. So I need to find if there is something wrong with the climate control system. Does some lights stay on even if the OFF button is pushed?
I have tried doing a search on this problem to find some other members having problems with their NSS (neutral safety switch). Their fuse was blowing when they put the truck in D (drive). Mine blows even when it was in P (park) and even when the engine is OFF and the key was in the ON position. It is intermittent. Sometimes blowing in the most unsual times while driving. I am suspecting a some water intrusion somewhere but no signs of water in the cabin floors or in the wiring harnesses.
I want to know this info before I start digging into the wiring harness near the egr valve and near the firewall where most people had wire degradation. My back up lights (also connected to gauge fuse) could also be suspect.
Thanks for the info!

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