Does my mpg make sense?

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Nov 17, 2008
Watertown, NY
Well I've been tracking my fuel consumption for about two months now using my gps for more accurate mileage. I've been hovering at about 10.5 mpg with all the miles being my 11 mile commute to work at an average speed of 30 mph.

I just made my first highway trip since I started tracking with the gps. I drove 200 miles at an average speed of 65 and my mpg was 17.5. I was amazed and happy. I'm very confident my numbers are right but does the large difference between city and highway make since?
Yes - especially if your 30 mph commute includes many stops and starts. Those are great hwy mpg's. I can squeeze a little better "around town" numbers out of mine by coasting:D.... a lot:D.
10.5 sounds a bit on the low side, but if your slow commute involves a lot of idling and stop and go then it isnt out of reason. 17.5 is about my best highway mileage in stock form so i would say if you are getting that at speed you have a good tune on that 3fe.
12.5MPG City

Thats what I am getting.
yeah those number's are normal. Get ready to get a flood of " I get blablabla " responses
12.5 highway
10ish in town
87 Fj60, 2f, 4 speed.
My blablabla comment . . . a looooooot better mpg (23+) but mine is a converted diesel 13B-T.:cool: for a gas burner, I think most will say your city MPG is a little lame but the highway is good.

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