Does my 2F use a reusable

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Mar 4, 2011
Dallas, Texas
reusable valve cover gasket? I am going to have my valve cover powder coated so I am going to Cowboy Toyota to get new washers and nuts. I am going to C.T. before I pull the valve cover so I dont know what is in there. Or is it a "Just buy one anyway!" situation?
If I recall they are made of cork.

If it is good shape and not leaking, it is reasonable to use it again.

I would probably look at turning it upside down though.
I have had mine off twice and reinstalled with no leaks at all. Always a good idea to have a new one on hand just incase. Better to have and not need than to need and not have. Guess thats why I'm pack rat huh? lol
Mine was rubber as well just to clarify. I would not reuse a cork either.
I have not seen a cork gasket on a 2f. But I am sure someone somewhere has used one.
I have not seen a cork gasket on a 2f. But I am sure someone somewhere has used one.

The oil pan gasket and the pushrod gallery side cover gasket are both cork.
The '78 uses a rubber gasket that can be reused many times. I would replace it once it gets stiff and starts to loose its flexibilty. One trick to easily install it is to clean the valve cover groove and the gasket and then use black RTV in a half dozen spots to hold the gasket in place. Put the RTV in the grove and put the gasket in. Place a board on the gasket to seat and hold in place with a brick until the RTV sets up.

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