Does Battery size Matter?

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Oct 21, 2008
Davie, Florida
My friend gave me one of those big blue Optima batteries. Does the cranking amps matter? Can I do electrical damage with to large of a battery?
The diffrence is the blue battery may be a deep cycle which good for long less loads. the normal(high amp) cranking batterys have more jolt to get the car started. They have more power for a shorter time.

It won't hurt your eletric system. It will work as long as you get cranked. I would use it.
Size ALWAYS matters. :lol:
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I was actually wondering if a 450CCA battery would even turn over my FJ40 in the dead of winter. Mine's a 650 CCAs, yellowtop optima. Works great. :popcorn:
Deep Cycle and Starting Batteries

The cold crank amps are the capacity for amps maintained per 30 seconds at zero degrees wile maintaining approx 7 volts min.

The reserve capacity is how long a battery can continuously discharge at a rate of 25 amps at 80 degrees with a voltage of at least 10.5 amps (with no alternator charging it)

Deep Cyle batteries are batteries with a high RC compared to the CCA and starting batteries are vice versa
I think Blue top means a marine battery that is probably a deep cycle?

Starting batteries are good for providing a high CCA for a short time

Deep Cycles are good for running things like winches and maybe auxillary floodlighting lighting and so on

High CCA does not mean you will force extra amperage through and damage something. The amperage that flows depends on the resistance in the circuit

for 12 volts
1.8 ohms will give you 6.6 amps in the circuit
.18 ohms will give you 66 amps
.018 will give you 666 amps

The resistance in the start circuit controls the flow --It is this principle that allows that 660 CCA battery to also power the radio without frying it--makes sense? The radio has much higher resistance.

A short to ground is when resistance to ground drops to nothing or very low and amps free flow at a rate as high as the source can supply ---this results in letting the smoke out of the wires:)

totally discharging a start battery over and over will ruin it but a deep cycle can handle it, Think sprinter and endurance runner

and finally,

a heckler, huh? :flipoff2:

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a deep cycle is supposedly better for cases where you may not run the truck regularly

mine is often sitting for more than a month - I have an Excide Blue deep cycle battery and would buy it again

and yes, you cannot force "flow" into the system, it draws what it needs :doh:
According to Optima, their Red Top is a deep-cycle battery suitable for applications as a starting battery but NOT suitable for winches. If you want to winch with an Optima battery, you need a Yellow Top. I never asked about the Blue Top.

According to their web site, the Blue Top batteries are coloured that way for marine applications and some of them have different post styles to other batteries but perormance wise they are the same as the Yellow Tops. They say if you have a dual application (ie a starter and a winch) use the Yellow (or Blue) Top.

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