Does anyony have a Torque Wrench that I can borrow??? (150-600 ft. lbs.)

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Oct 4, 2008
I am throughly frustrated. I have called 40, that's right 40 tool & equipment rental companies in and around Charleston, SC to rent a torque wrench. :wrench: Not one of them has one local! :bang: One did but it "broke awhile ago".:confused:

Sunbelt said they could get one shipped in for me from out of state but I have to set up a corporate account by filing a credit application :eek: & pay for FedEx shipping to and from plus the rental. As you can see, this is a very expensive option. :doh:

Does anyone local have one that I can borrow? I only need to tighten one crank case bolt to 304 ft. lbs. It will only take literally a minute.

Cold one's of your choice on me!:beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:

If you havent already post up in the UC and ONSC sections for some local responses. I know one member here found one at a truck mechanic and left a cash deposit and borrowed it for the evening.
Find a local shop with one and offer the guy $50 to come over and tighten it (or offer to drive one of his guys over and back). He probably won't let you borrow it so I wouldn't even suggest asking unless of course he volunteers. If you think about shipping one back and forth then you'll spend half or more than that on postage.

Any diesel oriented shop will have one.

Btw, when I say find one locally, I don't mean phone; I mean go in person with cash in hand.
Find a 100lb kid. Ask him to hang off a 3lb breaker bar attached to the crank.
Post this where info mentioned. Also, a torque wrench can be had for $50-75. You will prob use it multiple times and would have save you the time to call 40 places.

What are you needing it for?

Just saw you needed a 150-600lb wrench, what in the world are you tightening?
Thanks guys. I will check out Lexustech

cruiserman - Funny!

89s rule - I have one but it doesn't go as high as I need. To buy one it would cost $479 at Northern Tool. Thats alot of money for one bolt to tighten
Fabricate a torque wrench adapter. I made one out of 3/8"x2" bar to use with my 250 ft/lb torque wrench for the crank nut.

Torque wrench adapter formula

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