Does anyone have any ideas what I'm supposed to do [can do] with this?

Jun 14, 2013
Sandy Utah area

I hate having this useless hole in front of the shifter. It mostly just gathers trash and I want to repurpose it so it doesn't get used that way anymore. I don't even know what this was supposed to be used for but its not really good at anything. Does anyone make something that fits in there or have used it for something useful? I was thinking about a voltage meter or even a multimeter, but I don't think it will be readable because of the location. I thought about making it a USB panel, but I have 4 usb already in more useful places. Can't put a phone holder there because it would interfere with the shifter and/or be unworkable. Thoughts?
Aug 26, 2009
flat earth Midwest
I've got an altimeter in there. It has a square body that fits the hole nicely. Can't tell you where to get one now, as I originally bought it for my FJ55 from Dick Cepek. Not much use here in Flatland, but is rather handy when I visit Colorado and other places out West. It's not the kind of thing you need to constantly refer to, but it's a good location for something you don't need to monitor all the our temp gauges!o_O


Waiting for the Great Pumpkin
Mar 29, 2003
Perfect place for an extra 14mm socket.

Never can have too many 14’s…….

Seriously, mine has generally got a few corkies / spin&glo‘s (random seasonal lure) - lip of ashtray has the hook pinched & the rest lands in that cubby with the swivel-end of the leader.

I also keep 4-6 girl’s hair ties w/o metal binder on the TC stick to tie my 2-piece rods together/keep them neat.

:meh: - I bet you have a hobby that the cubby is good for.

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