does anyone from there knowledge know of a LC club in the Vancouver BC region

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Jan 11, 2008
I am looking for a club that has a garage! that members can pay into and use for there repairs and so on "they do the work with some one would else could be on site". Location of the club, if they have long term and short term stay "body work vs day or two day engine repairs" is nice to know. Club locations, times, and appointment times and any other info would be helpful. Location would be Delta/Surrey/Langley/Richmond/Vancouver.

Please message me the info if you know of a site.

There are a few DIY shops in the USA. The sad reality is the enormous insurance premiums that revolve around
unlicensed incompetents playing with tools/fire, vehicles several feet off the ground on hoists, pits in the floor, etc...

I'm sorry, it's tongue in cheek humour. Hells Angels have a club and a shop, but then again they're morons.

So, call Enigma and there are lots of guys in Coastal Cruisers who might help you out. I live on the island, or
I would have offered some way to help. I honestly feel for you, too many years fixing trucks in driveways
or Costco tarps. Good luck.
I know EBI its a shop that they get paid to work on your truck. I have never seen anyone other then his two mechanics work on other vehicles.

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