Does anybody else here flush coolant the old fashioned way?

Dec 24, 2003
When I do my coolant flush I still do it the old way:

1. Drain Coolant

2. Add 100% water to cooling system, start engine and let idle for 5-7 minutes with heater on full blast.

3. Repeat process 4-5 times.

4. When I add coolant at the end, I put in a 60% mixture to make a roughly 50% mixture.

It's more time consuming, but very easy. This was the method stated in old repair books, and a mechanic buddy of mine said they did it this way for many years.

Just wondering if I'm the only weirdo doing it this way.
Sep 16, 2005
Ponte Vedra, Florida
I thought the old fashion way was to have a shop use the latest equipment available :) . Sounds like your way is a good way but it sounds like a lot of work. Also, my personal concern is for the environment and I don't have the facilities to capture all of the old antifreeze and keep it from contaminating the area.
Apr 28, 2003
Turquoise Trail, N NM
That's how I used to do it until I discovered a bunch of residue at the block drain bolt (used a coat hanger to clear it). I think that residue was the green coolant or minerals reacting (PO used only green + tap water for 14 yrs) w/ the aluminum (kind of looked like when aluminum is constantly exposed to salt water, like on a crumbles into like a coarse sand). Coolant was changed every 2 yrs.

After switching to Toyota red+distilled water, during my last flush this year, there was no residue at the drain bolt! Nowdays, I drain the block, mostly because having the header means reaching the drain bolt is a cinch (in plain view) rather than being hidden under the exhaust manifold, and it saves time. If you've had only Toyota red+distilled water in the engine, I'd have no issues of doing it the old-fashioned way, but flush w/ distilled water rather than tap water.

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